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Home Entry Requirements to Russia

You have to present the following documents upon your arrival to a Russian Federation border:

  • Valid Passport (6 months)
  • Tickets
  • Russian Visa
  • for stay over 90 days – HIV clearance, Migration card

The nationals of the following countries can enter Russia visa-free:
Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia (Hrvatska), Cuba, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela

In high-risk countries, Russian Consulate may require the following:

  • medical insurance,
  • work permit,
  • HIV clearance (for stay over 90 days),
  • proof of funds for stay in Russia,
  • other documents, depending on your situation.

Please check with the Russian Consulate near you for further details.

The process of getting Russian visa consists of the following steps:

  1. Getting Russian Visa Support document

Any visa to Russia, except for the Transit visa requires Russian Visa Support document. Every visa type has a corresponding Visa Support Document :

  • For Russian Tourist Visa – Tourist Confirmation and Voucher – Apply
  • For Business Visa to Russia – Business Invitation – Apply

Please note that a personal letter from a Russian friend or Russian business partner does not qualify as a Russian Visa Support Document .

  1. Completing Russian Visa Application Form

Visa Application Form (pdf) Visa Application Form – Canadian, US, British, and Georgian citizens (pdf)

  1. Submitting your Russian Visa Support document and Russian Visa Application Form along with your passport and a photo (1.5 x 2 inches)
  1. Getting Russian Visa from a consulate

You will also get Migration card, which you should staple to your passport, to present at a Russian border.

Please check your visa for any mistakes, right at the Russian Consulate, when you receive it – this is the only authority that can make changes to your Russian visa.

  1. Temporary Registration in Russia

Under Russian law, your Russian visa must be registered within 72 hours of arrival. [more info…]