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Russia is a very interesting point of destination; the country is full of culture and heritage. When you decide to go, first you have to make sure you have you Russian visa. If you’re going as a tourist, you have to apply for the Russian tourist visa. Tourist visa is good for thirty days of staying in the Russia. You have to submit Russian visa application form, with one photo sized 30X 40mm, your passport, a copy of your passport’s first page, Russian tourist voucher and Russian tourist invitation. All these documents are required for the Russian tourist visa.

You can get the Russian visa application form here.

You can also request the Russian tourist voucher and Russian tourist invitation here.

If you are going to Russia with a group you have to ask your Russian tour provider to issue the Russian tourist invitation and Russian tourist voucher for you. Without those two documents the Russian consulate will not be able to issue Russian visa for you – that is why the tourist voucher and the tourist invitation are very important. These documents have to include your itinerary: all of the cites and the hotels in Russian where you will be staying.

Other type of Russian visa is business visa. Business visa to Russia can be up to 3 months: single- or double-entry or12 months: multi-entry. For business visa to Russia you have to submit Russian Visa application form, your passport, and a copy of your passport (first page), and a business invitation to Russia. Please note, that only certain companies in Russia may invite business partners from other countries.

Companies who can invite partners to Russian have to have a special registration and the authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you are planning on getting your business invitation to Russia, get it fast and easy here.